2021, Run Forward

date:2021-02-10 10:09

On February 7, 2021, Infoark held an annual summary meeting for 2020 and work arrangement for 2021 by the forms of video connections under the strict requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Infoarkers watched online in main venue and branch venue at the same time.

2020 was an extraordinary year for each one of us. In the face of sudden Novel Corona Virus, we undertook unprecedented pressure and challenges under the unknown and uncertain external environment, but we worked hard and made a further achievement and development.
General manager Michael Gong made a speech, he not only made a summary and analysis for the overall operation situation for 2020, but also he made an overall deployment and the target task decomposition for 2021. At the meeting, the company executives and each department manager made the year-end reporting respectively, and made a more detailed work plans for the next stage.
Following with the outstanding Infoarkers, we honored the advanced individuals and outstanding departments.
Growing with Infoark, thanks for insisting and following, we awarded annual induction presents belonged for each Infoarkers.
Grateful for our country and the industry, and gratitude each Infoarkers for their firm target and hard working.
Infoark family feast - New Year red packet, lucky draw... bring good luck and happy New Year.
New journey in 2021, we are on the way again side by side, meet new challenges in the new starting point, excellent Infoarkers, come on!

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