Spring trip to yunnan

date:2021-05-28 13:50

In May, Infoark started a wonderful journey, heading for colorful Yunnan, encountering the sunshine and clouds of ideal world and looking for poetry and the distance.

Picturesque scenery is intoxicating, we could not help but want to take more photos to memorize this beautiful moment.
Yulong Snow Mountain is like a dragon jumping and dancing. Challenging the altitude of 4680 meters, standing at the top of the mountains and enjoying colorful clouds, Infoarkers always have the courage to challenge and conquer, this kind of persistence and daring inspire us towards a new height.
Appreciate the large-scale original ecology song and dance performances “Impression•Lijiang” directed by Zhangyimou at an altitude of 3100 meters, shocked again by the native feelings towards heaven, earth, people and mountains. Revere nature, respect life, thank for concomitant friends.
The blooming flowers all the way, the footprints all the way, the companions all the way, are the most memorable scenery of the journey.

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