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Famous USA management master Jim Collins selected 18 world-class centennial corporations deeply, to invest The Secret of corporation Longevity, in his great book "longevity foundation", he wrote: the key point to make enterprise long life is the core values inside employee’s mind.

What is the core value? Why it have such great power? It is the good questionnaire for everyone to consider. We should open our mind, and searching answer from the master’s management basic concept. Peter Ferdinand Drucker who called master in 20th century Principles of Management, in his book "management: responsibility, tasks and practice", he wrote: the core value of enterprise is long and basic believe, from enterprise and all employees value pursuit, value judgment standard and embrace spirit. Whatever for enterprise or individual person, core value is judgment object, it will judge enterprise and employee behavior, measure enterprise and employee behavior and existence significance.

From master sprit to ourselves, INFOARK's core value is "Inspiring confidence without words, Advancing oneself while being convenient for others". In these 2 sentences which full of deep philosophy meaning and cultural connotation, we can fell the corporation take heavy

responsibility and strong sense of calling. "Inspiring confidence without words, Advancing oneself while being convenient for others". Comes from Chinese ancient book, has abundant culture connotation.

"Inspiring confidence without words" comes from (ZHUANGZI. TIANZI FANG), original sentence is "FUZI inspiring confidence without words, no compare but success", original meaning is man of honor obtain others trust without saying, describe he has high prestige", the core is trust. People usually explain it as good faith, means honestly, keep promise, and words consists actions, deeds accord with words and so on. Good faith is one of basic 5 characters for man of honor, it is basic essence for person in modern society.

"Advancing oneself while being convenient for others" comes from (LUNYU. YONGYE), original meaning is kindhearted person, will make partner successes first before own success. At the present, we explain it as same meaning.

"We inspire confidence with credibility; your success consummates our success" is not only the core value of INFOARK, but also the standard of value all members believe in. Ultimately, it deeply reflects the enterprise development concept of a determined to do in good faith, honesty in society, customer success and achievement of social. In today 's rapid development of global economic conditions, We can not imagine there isno good faith, Selfishness, the intrigues of the chaos will bring. The market economy itself is a credit economy, If there is no integrity, market economy, Market economy on the lack of the basic conditions of existence, imagine which a business can survive in the environment without the support of good faith ? Which selfish people can get a foothold in the society?

As INFOARK, our value lies in the achievements of customers.  If we can not do this , we have no reason to exist. Therefore, we must uphold the integrity, and supply best efforts to serve our customers. So that our customers benefit from cooperation with us, not a single win, but win-win. Benefit all parties. In this way , our business and value can be continue last longer.

"We inspire confidence with credibility; your success consummates our success", expressed the spirit of honest and trustworthy customer service that INFOARK believe in.It is the source of our development and progress, the standard of our decision-making.

It is the principle of all members should thoroughly study and firmly observe.




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